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Security – Safe, Secure, Confidential of Your Data

Principal impartial of GSIT BPO Services is to understand the privacy and confidentially of customers data. We continuously update safety methods to assure our rules and entire data provided by customer will be strictly kept private in our GSIT BPO Services. We assured our customers that they can respite easy know to their data security and privacy which is certainly not negotiated when associating with us

We instrument Information Security Management System (ISMS) in order to progress our in-house safety process and to take supplies to defend your private data, data from loss, destruction, mistreatment and amendment.

We intensely survey our security rule to inspect, accomplish, sustain, governor the security position and moderate the danger to the acceptable level.

Data Security & Confidentially is secure through the following procedures

  • All evidence, data which is provided by client to us will be trusted and strictly the possessions of our respected customer.

  • Documents Storage area is well secured.

  • Firewalls and interruption detection technology

  • Online backup servers are secure.

  • Fixed backup of records protected in the organization.

  • Compound password security.

  • Strict Non-disclosure and Non-compete Agreement fix employee.

  • Each person has his own password and have a right of entry to a given computer/workstation is also limited.

  • There are no overlying areas for work as accountabilities are strictly well-defined.

  • Each employee has his own password and right of entry to given computer.

  • Workers are not permitted to share individuals PC folders and files.

  • Complete principles are examined by CCTV cameras.

  • No individual CDs, DVDs, USB, Bluetooth, Infrared, Notebook are not permitted in the company evidences.

  • Admission of illegal person in office premises is harshly banned.

  • Nothing can be taken inside and taken out of the premises except written approval.

  • As soon as the data is accepted, will finish all raw and managed records.

The Department of GSIT BPO Services are custom attached. Unintentional checks are approved to protector against infringement of processes. We guarantee clients records safe and trusted with our adequate backup method, data security plan and business continuity plans.

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