GSIT Infrastructure ready to face

Our premises have innovative infrastructure. To oblige the Voice, Data, Email, Chat & Multimedia needs of all provision and process sections we have created a consistent and strong infrastructure. We have a center which is entirely furnished with modern implements and technology for any kind of technical support to our staff and our customers.

General Services

  • Equipped with all latest office automation like computers, printers, fax and scanners.

  • In order to produce high quality output we have entirely Furnished Office premises.

  • Online and off-line allusion materials.

  • Satisfactory storage area with Safety.

  • Satisfactory fire safety systems.

  • We have well Intended Ergonomic Furniture.

  • We have in House Restitution services.

  • For each customer we have distinct work areas and resources.

Functioning Equipment’s

Our Infrastructure is well equipped with all modern office automation like computers, printers, fax and scanners.

  • We used High Resolution Scanners which is Proficient of Delivering 100,000 pages per Day.

  • We have High Configured Work Stations with Licanced Application.

  • We practice Data Back-up capacity.

  • The On-line UPS to confirm the production is not stimulated due to single source.


  • For well Communication we use High-speed networking Switch using Dual Speed.

  • We have Proficient Video Conference facilities.

  • There is also High Quality LAN Cables for safe data allocation.

  • For high speed data access we used Structured Cabling.

  • We have Digitally Subscribed Broadband line.

  • We practice High Speed GPRS Internet Connection as stand-by.

  • We are Proficient of supporting batch upload/download.

Work Power

  • We have High Skilled Technical Staff.

  • Personnel well conversant with English language.

  • Work forces have Wide Experience.

  • Reserved employee strength.

  • We have In-house well organized consultancy for facilities.

  • Our team is Highly Qualified and Dedicated.

Data Confidentiality & Security Policy

  • We have proficient professional firewall system which confines the employers to surf or access unauthorized/unofficial sites on the internet.

  • In our firm all employers have centrally accomplished antivirus software in order to updates virus definitions.

  • Our Computers have organized lock timings for computer screens.

  • To keep track of concert disputes/complaints each computer has distinctive number.

  • Through login IDs and password security we Restricted access to the network.

  • Storage devices such as CDs, DVDs, pen drive, disk drive or any other are Restricted in the individual Computers.

  • We deliver the clients on time regardless of the regular power cuts in this portion of India because we have Power Backup 24 hour’s which supply power with off-site backups to ensure no data loss due to infrastructure failures.

  • Provision to create alternate development rapidly.


  • We have provided ID cards for employee Security and their access rights.

  • We equipped Latest 24*7 CCTV Monitoring technology in order to maintain Safety policy.

  • In our working zone we harshly restricted Mobile Phones, PDAs, USB thumb drives, Cameras, etc. for the sake of Security.

  • Our entire networks are protected with transparent user level access.

  • We have sufficient storage area with Complete Security.




Special Services

Our Speciality