Find Out different Varity of photo editing techniques

GSIT  offers a variety of different image processing techniques including image editing, Image compression, Image enhancement, Image filtering, image retouching, image cut-outs, photo scanning and image manipulation services. We assurance high quality image processing at competitive prices as well as fastest order processing.

Image processing involves various steps such as: 

  • Capture

  • Classification

  • Extraction

  • Validation and Export.

Image processing services features include assessment of the image, filtering, prioritization, detection of changes, mosaicking, 2D and 3D visualization, automated feature extraction and automated quality assessment.


Our image processing services:

  • Virtual image files

  • Image re-touching, Cleaning & Cloning

  • Image compression

  • Photo Restoration

  • Vector Graphics

  • Blending and Texturing

  • Scaling and Cropping

  • Photo Masking

  • Clipping Path

  • Adding Watermark on image

  • Image enhancement

  • Image filtering

  • Image distortion, Colouring and Editing

  • Flexible solutions to suit your image processing requirements

  • Interactive image processing environment

  • Processed images can be uploaded directly or through optical medium

  • Security and confidentiality of your documents ensured


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