High Quality-cost Effective Data capture services

Data capture means obtaining data for a variety of sources like.

  • Collecting documents to be typed in

  • Making measurements and keying in

  • Asking people to fill in questionnaires

GSIT offers data capture services such as

  • Forms processing keying from images

  • Data extraction from the web

  • Electronic publications

  •  File /  Doc conversion and more

Modern technology allows automatic data capture to be prompt, genuine and devoted. However, data capture software is more complicated and admired because it captures specific, targeted data that is required to support a business process. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is been used for data capturing. OCR automatic process can create digital machine readable versions of hardcopy pages. With the help of all these new sophisticated technologies and our experience experts, we can capture data from any kind of document in any format with the 100% accuracy. Our in-house data capture software can capture data from digital format such as e-mail, XML, TIFF, Web and PDF with most possible accuracy and save a lot of time and money.



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